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why us

Your benefit is directly proportional to our USPs. It's through the success and harmony of our clients that we see our achievements.

Ours is a one-stop personalized solution for busy people. We remotely provide services to businesses, entrepreneurs, professionals, and individuals across the globe. Our remote but customized assistance helps busy people find balance in their lives, both professionally and personally.

Our achievements can only shine through your success.

1. Economical Plans & Pricing

The most economical Plans & Pricing in the world. We offer the best rate that is unparalleled in the industry to cater to different people globally with their needs as well as in accordance with their budget and convenience.

2. Various Experts under One Roof

We are a company with a no. of employees working in-house under different departments such as Administrative Support, Web Development, Graphic Designing, Content Writing, IT Support, etc. They work together as a team. Unlike freelancers where you need to chase individuals separately to accomplish your different types of tasks, you would get various experts with different skill sets under one roof at CraftyEdge. Hence, you can get all your tasks done under a single umbrella saving you both time and money. When your VA works with experts from different departments, it develops his knowledge and expertise which in turn adds more value to your business.

3. Around the Clock Service

We work from dusk to dawn throughout the week, be it Christmas or Easter or any holiday, we are available 24 X 7 with the optimum manpower. Hence, you can delegate tasks anytime you want no matter which timezone you are in, we are always there to assist you. We’re your pair of hands that work while you're asleep. If you have a business that caters to overseas clients, we are an ideal fit for you.

4. Digital Data Security

The security of client’s data is an essential component for any business in the service industry. CraftyEdge Solutions have full cognizance of the fact and deals with it on a very serious note. Our website is secured with 128-bit SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption and we have a secured data center as well. Besides, we take some important measures to ensure data security to an optimum level.

(a) Background Checking: We conduct a thorough background checking and inspection of all employees’ declared information before appointing them. We also mandate the signing of an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) for every employee as a joining directive. CraftyEdge is always ready to sign an NDA with its client.

(b) 24 X 7 CCTV Surveillance: All our virtual assistants work under round-the-clock CCTV vigilance.

(c) Constant Vigilance by IT Department: All the work stations are under constant surveillance of our IT Department.

(d) System Access Restriction: The system access is restricted in-house by our IT Team. Hence, no executive can access his/her system/workstation and thereby the data in it from outside the office premises, thus restraining the scope of data leakage externally.

(e) Password Protected Web Logins Interface: We have a safe and secured Web Logins (Website/URL, User IDs, and Passwords) interface of our own for sharing credentials. You can share the Web Logins of your registered online accounts such as your Email accounts, Social Media accounts, Salesforce, Google Calendar, Google Drive, ERM Software, Web CRM, QuickBooks, eCommerce online stores, etc. with us through the Classified section in your main user account. This particular section is password (to be created separately by yourself from your main account) protected even at your end within your main account. You need to enter the password every time to access this section and thereby your Web Logins details in your main user account to add new logins, edit or delete an existing record. Though we do not suggest sharing of user account access and are not accountable if one shares the same with others, yet if you have to do so at your own risk as per the situation, still your Web Logins data are safe and secured until you share the Classified access (password) with others.

(f) Encrypted Web Logins Password: Your Web Logins passwords are well encrypted when you share those with us. No one can ever see your Web Logins password even while using the credentials of yours with your due consent through any of your tasks. From copying to submission, the passwords are in encrypted form, however, the actual values of the passwords are submitted to the web interface.

5. Account Manager Access

If you have multiple requirements or any project/business that requires different skill sets, e.g. Administrative Support, Content Writing, Graphics Designing and so on, we assign an Account Manager (Point of Contact) to you. Your Account Manager would liaise with different departments and its experts, brainstorm and strategize together to get your job(s) done. In this way, you would get a single interface or channel in the form of your Account Manager to communicate, delegate and distribute your tasks to many hands simultaneously to save time and enhance your business growth.

6. Effective Backup Support

We are human beings and not robots or machines. We may fall sick anytime or may go on a vacation or may quit the company or may suffer an unprecedented situation. Hence, whenever a client hires any of our VAs to work exclusively for him/her, we prepare back-up support from the outset to counter any unprecedented state of affairs. Therefore, if your VA suffers any such unprecedented situation, the back-up is always there to ensure uninterrupted service.

Besides, we document SOPs (Standard Operating Procedure) and prepare instruction videos for all our recurring tasks. We streamline a long-term business journey.

Emergency Support: At times, you need to accomplish a project/work within a stipulated timeframe and to meet your deadline, a large manpower engagement is necessary. In any such situation, our multiple VAs work together to chip in with their efforts to accomplish the project in time. We are glad to go that extra mile.

7. Dynamic Pricing for Extra Hour

At times, you need extra hours over and above your current plan hours to cater to your additional needs. Unlike others, there is no fixed rate of extra hours. Rather, our extra hour model has a dynamic pricing structure and the structure is based on your current plan.

The rate is only USD 1 more than your current plan rate, e.g. (1) if your current plan is 10 Hours per month @ USD 9/hour, then you can purchase extra hours @ USD 10/hour, (2) Similarly, if your current plan is 40 Hours per month @ USD 7/hour, you can purchase extra hours @ USD 8/hour, and so on so forth.

8. Transparency

We always remain transparent with our clients. We heed to what our client has to say about his/her needs and his/her experience with us. The clientele is a necessary component for any business to survive. Having said that, we always suggest and guide our clients with the best possible options. If we realize that we are not a good match or proficient enough to deliver up to the client’s expectation, we accept the fact and let the client know it up front, and try to find him/her an ideal match.

9. Accountability

We help our clients expand and manage their businesses. You can outsource your business process or part of it to us at no additional cost. You can hire our VAs as your offshore employees, train them and guide them to befit your business process. They would work as your team by complying with your business protocol. You do not have to bear any additional cost for office premises, in-house staffing, setups, maintenance, etc. CraftyEdge would run and manage your business process offshore and is accountable for the quality of work, data security and back-up support.

10. Free Trial Offer

We offer Free Trial so that you can evaluate our services before subscribing to a paid plan. This helps both of us to understand mutual adaptability to establish a process which in turn enables both of us to set up a long-term association down the line. We understand that any business ties needs time to build.

11. Socioeconomic Advantage

Last but not least, we are located in India and that’s a USP too. Yes, it is! We have a pro-business economy and environment. Hence, we can assist our clients cost-effectively, hire highly proficient VAs, and remunerate them well. We capitalize on this socioeconomic privilege to stimulate our work quality and team-building.