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Transcription Services

Professional Transcription Services

Professional Transcription Services

Audio & Video Transcription Services

Get More Time. Gain Insights.

Professional Transcription Services provided by CraftyEdge Solutions works with both Audio and Video files; converting your speech into a well-formatted text file. This is an ideal resource when you are conducting researches, taking lengthy interviews, are reporting live or creating a report. Our highly skilled transcription professionals are the finest in the industry, therefore you may rest assured to have optimum accuracy.

Find Complete Precision Of Your Work, That Is Technically Our Work Too.

The transcription professionals at CraftyEdge are adept in understanding different accents and tone of voices provided the sound and audio quality are good. We can give you a precise and well-maintained report.

For a voice file with good sound and audio quality, we can prepare the transcribed file in around 10 minutes from a 1-minute long audio file as a standard service. Therefore, get to talking and leave the formatting, editing, and documentation of your work upon us.

This process saves you a lot of time, effort and cost, as compared to writing and then editing.

Multifaceted quality analysis curbs all scope of errors and typing mistakes. The file you receive is a well-formatted copy of your work that is reverted to you.

Get Constant Support, Though Projects, Research And Just About Anything Else

Handwritten Documents - from manuscripts, charts to applications, not only can we transcribe your voice files, you may use our transcription services for all kinds of handwritten documents as well.

Academia - field research, thesis, class notes, everything comes under a cohesive system of righteous documentation, that gives professors, teachers, and scholars a lot of room to breathe and concentrate on their work.

Business - your business may take you to places, but our virtual assistants for business keeps your business insights well-rooted and carefully organized. Get insightful transcriptions of a multitude of business reports, research materials, and the likes.

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How The Transcription Process Works At CraftyEdge


We work with a variety of file formats, even handwritten documents, which you may scan and directly upload to your Server via VPN, FTP or SharePoint. You can also go for the easiest way of emailing us the files or share through your CraftyEdge account portal. We can upload our text files back to your server or can email you the same.