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IT Support

Remote Technical Support

User-Friendly Remote Technical Support

For Smooth Operations Of Your Computer Systems

Experience the amazing perks of outsourced Remote Technical Support Services with CraftyEdge Solutions. Get on-demand technical assistance on a multitude of software applications. Our area of service involves the configuration and customization of computer systems.

Did you just buy new equipment or had a systems upgrade? Need help setting it up? Not to worry! This includes Mail Client Setup, Email Migration Services, Remote CCTV Monitoring and lots more.

Interfaced via virtual platforms, like live chat and voice/video calls, our technicians ensure the most user-friendly and interactive methods to resolve your IT issues proactively.

So feel free to talk to us for diverse IT solutions. Our team is here to clarify, as well as to assist you with core tech requirements. We work with a wide range of operating systems, and well knowledgeable about different versions. And most importantly, we give enterprises and individuals the freedom of an outsourced service.

How Remote Technical Support Works

If you are facing a problem customizing your computer systems that need expert assistance, Contact Us. It's That Simple! CraftyEdge Solutions is focused on providing flexible and simplistic Administrative Solutions For Busy People. And Virtual IT Support is one of them. The best thing about this process is you have expert IT Support within easy access. Whether you are facing complex issues concerning multiple devices within an enterprise, or just your Personal Computer! You can use our Virtual Technical Support then and there. We help you out in singular matters that technology manufacturers can't readily attend to.

The process starts with contacting, and telling us what problems you are facing. An IT support executive will then be summoned to assist you. You may choose to have the service on the same day or schedule a probable time as per your choice. Our Remote IT Support executive will either conduct the tasks on your behalf or can guide you on a step-by-step process of resolving it on your own. Finally, you can have a timely completion of the project without much ado.

You may opt for on-demand service and pay as you go, or you can go for packages and pay monthly. The plans are customized according to your requirements.

Remote IT Support For Email Migration

An Email Client is a computer application, which facilitates a personal email system or "client" that can run multiple email addresses. This is the most noteworthy and sensible thing to have for organizations, and probably is the best way for communication on professional or official grounds.

So coming to Email Migration, this is the process of "migrating" or simply, transferring mailboxes or a large set of emails and other property, from one email client to other. Now, how to do that?

We come into the picture when you are not sure where and how, to begin with, or just lack the adequate technical staff or knowledge to carry on the job proficiently.

CraftyEdge Solutions provides Remote IT Support for both external and internal email migration services. This includes self-service migration as well as assisted migration services. Our technicians can either collaborate with your system administrator or work independently with you. Moreover, we can also give you access to essential tools like Cloud Office Control Panel, as SaaS.

Would you like to know more? Let us delve deeper into many ways that we can assist you with your technical endeavors. Mail Client Setup And Troubleshooting

CraftyEdge Solutions is here to simplify the process of setting up email accounts on a local mail client installed into your computer device, as well as multiple other devices across your organization.

  • Configuring Mail Client and cPanel Registration
  • Connection Settings To Servers
  • Setup IMAP or POP addresses
  • Setup DNS records, SPF records And Spam Protection
  • Conduct Manual Settings, If Required
  • Integration With Mobiles And Other Devices
  • Setup Up Data Sheets, Calendars, And Other Customization
  • Integration With Other Software
  • Troubleshooting common as well as unique technical glitches

Get unbiased and impartial expert assistance from the CraftyEdge Solutions technical team. We help you implement crucial technical decisions without much ado or waste of time


Remote IT Support For Registry Issues

The way with enterprises nowadays is that they are largely dependent on the proper running of their technologies. And Windows Registry is just one of them.

Despite the many popups, the registry of your computer is usually not one of the crucial steps for running your computer, and that is often the reason why end-users give it a miss. That's not a bad thing though, contrary to popular belief that implies that completing the registry actually deters the performance of your device. In fact, hear it from the experts, you need not fix your registry issues every time there is a popup indication.

However, whether you like it or not, at a point of time, you just have to fix those registry issues. Mainly because they can end up infecting your device with complex malware and viruses, that can be hard to fix in the long run. Now, this can be crucial for enterprises, especially if the device pertains to a central device system.

  • Assess Your Devices
  • Repair infected registry entries
  • Free up your disk with infectious programs and applications
  • Clear off temp files, browsing data and
  • Leveling up your computer, for improved system performance Leveling up your computer, for improved system performance
  • Restoring your backup files into right places
  • Perform desktop setting customization as per your needs
  • Personalized Remote IT Supporter virtual assistance for fixing registry issues on your own
  • Be able to make consequential decisions and safeguard your computers from the acute vulnerabilities caused by registry issues. Speak to the experts, as we bring you core and customized solutions, costing you only for the service and nothing extra.

    Remote Technical Support For Mail Merge


    Doesn't it feel great, when a letter is addressed to you, instead of just addressing as "the recipient" and likewise? Nowadays, technologies are focused on the practical conduct of personalized communication, which makes the recipient feel better and perhaps, more actionable. And this goes out to be the case with clients, leads, applicants, vendors alike.

    Mail Merge is one such technology that creates a personalized approach for mail correspondence, either via email or by post. It works by merging templates or default content, with a database mailing list, typically carrying names and addresses. You can even print them and have a pre-addressed envelopes that look crisp and sophisticated.

    CraftyEdge Solutions can offer Virtual Assistance Services for conducting this procedure, and sending bulk emails to either find the ideal software and or get help configuring and using them. Our Remote IT Support is here to give you on-demand support at a fraction of a second and get on with your tasks fast and efficiently. Create a better impression, with a simple touch of personalization.

    CCTV Monitoring

    The provisions of advanced surveillance systems at some point of time requires human monitoring, which can identify and nab any security threats to your premises. CraftyEdge Solutions offers the most flexible and proficient outsourced remote CCTV Monitoring services with real-time virtual assistance. We cater to a wide-ranging clientele from large scale industries to small office setups.

    Our team of dedicated IT professionals get hands-down surveillance monitoring threat alerts and ensuring stringent security measures for enterprises and individuals. Therefore, you can rest assured, to have a safe and comfortable environment once and for always.

    Moreover, with the dedicated backing of industry-leading security surveillance, you can have greater savings and zero liabilities than how it is with onsite recruits. The remote surveillance monitoring services will be customized for your infrastructure layout, with intense coverage for even minute security gaps along with an incredible Emergency Alert system.

    Offsite CCTV Surveillance Monitoring

    Focusing mainly on commercial landscapes, such as stores, malls, banks or corporate buildings, we ensure an all-encompassing solution for CCTV Surveillance. With the help of our interactive and user-friendly Virtual Assistant Services, you can effectually conduct need-based technical tasks and monitoring. Our technicians will guide you in every step of the way throughout all sorts of IT security queries and concerns.

    Moreover, our technicians will also conduct periodic and unscheduled reviews on your technology, as an assurance for performance longevity. This is so that your security stays consistent to ensure that the performance always stays top-quality. These processes will help in keeping the operations smooth and efficient.

    Video Monitoring

    At CraftyEdge Solutions, we support you with an adept Remote Video Surveillance Monitoring team that is dynamic and fierce professionals. Our agents will work with you in a customized manner. They will be constantly surveying your video and CCTV footage, detecting any malicious activity on your grounds, and probably, raise an alarm on the pretext of suspicious activity. The process takes entirely on a remote platform; we will be connected to you over the internet.

    Moreover, we will further conduct performance reports for your surveillance systems, ensuring consistent, optimal performance for the long term. So that you can consequently run an uninterrupted security measure at all times.

    CCTV Monitoring Documentation

    Systematic documentation of your CCTV incidents observed by us will be generated as a performance report. After that, you can use this data for contributing to your security assessments in the future.

    A multitude of aspects is minutely defined in our CCTV monitoring reports, which includes a timestamp, area diameter, and many other significant data. Therefore, you get this certainty for not just the current performance of your CCTV surveillance, you can also be notified about its condition and how it will perform in the near future.

    Hosting Migration

    Corporate landscapes are always the first in line to endorse the latest technology and giving your enterprises to stay levitated among competitive grounds. However, it's also crucial for such technology integrations to not hinder the performance or productions that are ongoing.

    Looking to migrate your website or email client to a bigger and better platform? Our Hosting Migration service brings you closer to technology insights, and Remote Technical Support when endorsing newer hosting platforms and servers. CraftyEdge Solutions Brings You Global Solutions

    At CraftyEdge Solutions, we cater to a global clientele. We house a powerful team of technical experts who come from a strong background and wide experience working in the same field. Therefore, we are powered with the astute capacity to provide you core solutions over Remote IT Support. We work with small to medium companies, independent professionals and startups. And because of this easy and highly affordable mode of service, you can enrich and precise working atmosphere, at an affordable price.