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Administrative Support

Administrative Solutions For Busy People

Personalized Administrative Solutions For Busy People

Be In Control Of Your To-Do List And Non-Core Activities

Have a constant support system to help you catch up with an organized and punctual lifestyle. CraftyEdge Solutions provide omnipresent Administrative Solutions For Busy People. We are here to give you an efficient and agile working environment, facilitated by our remote Virtual Assistant Services, that applies for both individuals as well as enterprises.

Hire A Virtual Assistant that gives you proactive, intuitive resolves for a multitude of recurrent non-core tasks. That too, at a way less cost and zero liabilities than hiring full-time assistants.

Our highly experienced team of VAs take over a bulk of your stressful and boring tasks, both personally and on the work-front. This covers varied responsibilities from managing calendars, as well as scheduling appointments and events, to performing data entry and online research on a multitude of disciplines. It is because we work with you on a dedicated level, that your VA will be instantly available, ready for anything.

Therefore, you have more free time to invest in productive tasks! Moreover, you have sufficient time to pursue what really matters to you. Hone your skills. Generate revenue. Practice a hobby. Go for a vacation. Finish your book! Be present on special occasions. And above all, enjoy your life! Do More With Less Time And Effort.

World-Class Virtual Assistance Services That Strengthens Your Work-Life Balance

CraftyEdge Solutions is bent on infusing precision, punctuality and effervescent energy into your mundane. That is why, our Personal Virtual Assistant Services are designed specifically, setting apart individual requirements from that of business needs.

Are you a single parent? A student and part-timer! A startup owner, a freelancer or a full-time employee! Wherever you stand in life, this is your chance to do more with less time and effort.

Our prowess is in providing customized Administrative Solutions For Busy People. Consequently, a systematic and proactive approach drives us to live up to your requests and how soon you need them.

Email Management

Keep your inbox clutter-free. First of all, your virtual PA (Personal Assistant) will make sure that your important emails are always seen and responded to. Moreover, they will also clear off all spam and unwanted entries. As well as make significant folders for organizing essential emails. Our assistants are adept at working with multiple inboxes, be it Gmail, Outlook, Social Media, Upwork and many others.

Calendar Management

Do you often find yourself at the bottom of so much to do with so less time! Time can do so much. Only if you can catch up with it.

Sometimes, calendars make the biggest decisions of your life, but don’t let them overlap with your peace of mind.

From business meetings, doctor appointments to set reminders for payment due dates - everything can be managed systematically. So that you get it all done before time. The ideal resources of Administrative Solutions For Busy People are delivered over dedicated remote support for Events and Calendar Management. We will conduct essential feeding and update calendar entries; finally, we will send you a reminder as notified. That is how our systematic management solutions propel you to be more punctual and organized in all your endeavors.

Whether you maintain your dates on a daily planner, Outlook Account, Google Calendar, or one in your ERM software, we will quickly adapt to your enterprise environment. A CraftyEdge Solutions Virtual Assistant will collaborate with you, conceiving the entire process and code of conduct that is practiced by you or at your organization. What's More! we can also design crisp and agile calendar templates and integrate it with your choice of software. We largely work with enterprises, Medical Practitioners, Creative Enterprises, Legal Advisers, Academic Counselors, Interior Designers, Fashion Designers among many others. Our intrinsic virtual assistant services effectually strut up to your calendar and clock, no matter how jumbled it is!

Social Media Management

Are you a YouTuber or Instagrammer? Or the proud administrator of a successful Facebook Page? While you are busy creating amazing content, we unburden you of the minute tasks of managing your account. This includes equally important tasks like editing your content, publishing posts with the hashtag and all. Moreover, we can also communicate with your readers on your behalf and perform affiliate marketing. We manage your social media activity in a professional, consistent and sophisticated manner. Thus ensuring an optimized social reputation for you.

Handle Invoices And Payments

Never lose track of your bill payment dates, mix up invoices, or lose receipts. Have your Personal Assistant monitor and handle them cohesively. They will also transact on your behalf with timely payments as well as sending off invoices to your clients.

Lifestyle Management

If lifestyle signifies a way of life, then lifestyle management as a service signifies a vehicle to show you the right path. So whether it's about renewing your gym membership, ordering dinner online using the best coupon codes, meanwhile, doing online research for your next product; we are on it.

Online Research

You can at ease seek the help of our dynamic Virtual Assistants For Business development purposes, which includes helping you out with your Online Research activities. Online research is the best method for gaining social and market insights. As important it is to businesses, it's also a highly time-consuming activity, that requires a lot of manual contribution! And apparently, this task demands a lot of patience, and understanding of methodologies.

At CraftyEdge Solutions, our online researchers having developed distinct methods of web search, smart application of keywords, and adept usage of advanced software and tools. Together we ensure that you are delivered authentic data that you can readily use.

Documentation & Presentation

Well formatted and structured business documents bring clarity and precision to your business process. On the other hand, when it comes to marketing, corporate greeting or launching new products, a refreshing presentation style goes on to create a deeper impact on the audience. So, CraftyEdge Solutions is the perfect place for you to have a comprehensive solution for all your documentation and presentation needs.

We simplify a wide range of documentation tasks for you, that typically includes, facts & figures, a variety of business reports, marketing and promotion insights, learning materials and lots more. We work with a multitude of disciplines and sectors, including business, academics, applications, portfolios, editorials, print media and many more.

Our core areas of operation include :

  • Data Entry
  • PDF Creation
  • MS Office
  • Document Drafting
  • Creating Various Reports
  • Technical Writing
  • Graphics Designing

Itinerary Planning

Remote Virtual Assistance for itinerary planning is a life-saver for those who have to or love to travel a lot. Working towards better and omnipresent lifestyle management, we collaborate with you in a personalized manner. Our expert VAs make it simple and affordable for you to have acute control over your schedules and stay on top of your priority list. Thus, you have more scope to enjoy your travels, either alone or with family.

Our Itinerary Services Typically Includes :

  • Booking Flight Tickets
  • Hotel Reservation
  • Find the best places to shop
  • Create a comprehensive plan for a vacation
  • Find unconventional places, that may be hidden gems

Benefits Of Having A Virtual Assistant At Close Call

The Most Promising Aspects Of Multitasking

Having More Time - With all your non-core tasks undertaken by the Best Virtual Assistance services, you get more time for yourself. Do more in a hassle-free manner, and answer your true calling.

Wide Range Of Services - Your VA pose as a one-stop solution for your diverse needs. From technical issues to financial management, to personal needs like booking a restaurant and finding the best shopping offers. It works as your personal genie.

Reduced Costs & Liabilities - Hiring a personal assistant on a monthly salary can be really expensive. Moreover, they are not available 24/7; or you need to spend more on hiring 2 PAs, to work on rotational shifts. There is a greater benefit with Virtual Assistance. Get flexible pay scales calculated on an hourly basis, that's streamlined to specific chores.

What About Disadvantages?

There Are Flip-Sides Of Everything. But Our Commitment Is To Keep You Ahead Always

It Adds Another Bill To Your Mailbox

The thing about fee-paying services is that at the end of the day, you have to pay for it! This means if you meet with an inconvenience in paying at the right time, the services will stop!

Solution By CraftyEdge - We muster customized packages for you, in which you only pay for the services you have used, even break it down on an hourly basis. With a secure prepayment system, we encourage to have more peace of mind, curbing the month-end bills. Moreover, we ensure none of your crucial tasks are left off midway, just because you met with a monetary inconvenience. It’s all about good planning.


The fact that you are sharing your personal data and email inbox, and similar information with technically a stranger, definitely raises concerns for security.

Solution By CraftyEdge - You need to know you can trust your VA at CraftyEdge Solutions. Since we are a startup getting a chance to work with a multitude of brands and individuals is a pleasure. So we are concerned about work and take care of your security. In addition to that, our transparent, charming and proactive approach, has not only helped us form a highly trustworthy alliance with our clients but has resulted in us epitomizing it. We ensure and maintain the highest standards of security. Consequently, we assure you to complete secrecy and security for your private data. Please visit our Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for more details.

Not Being Able To See Your Assistant

If only you see it as a disadvantage! There are concerns about no response- coming face to face with situations when your assistant is simply not responding to your calls or messages! Therefore, there are avid concerns of potential desertion or simply the network is not working.

Solution By CraftyEdge We make sure of alternate communication methods, like phone calls, chat or email. Because we cannot entirely control network issues on the client-side, we have the most proactive system administration experts with us, that bring essential Administrative Solutions For Busy People.

How It All Works!

It all starts with an in-depth consultation with our administration experts. You can tell us about your endeavor, whether you need personal or business VA services. We implement custom administration solutions for busy people, that are centric to their budget, including only the ideal range of services you need. Nothing more or costlier.

We encourage you to make a prepaid payment, and therefore not be obligated to month-end surprises.

Finally, we quickly gather the information, data, and instructions so as to familiarize with you and your core needs.

Building Long Term Relations

With You. Now And Always

At CraftyEdge Solutions, we are passionate and immensely protective about our long term relationships. Because it's through the success and harmony of our clients that we see our achievements. And it gives us great purpose, and joy.

Our virtual assistants help you focus on critical functions by managing other significant tasks of your businesses and individuals. Consequently, they take away the cumbersome jobs that slow you down.

Hire A Virtual Assistant that works dedicatedly with you, learning your core requirements within a short time. We cover a wide diaspora of administrative solutions for busy people and offer comprehensive lifestyle management. Each service will be customized according to your business plans and purposes. As a result, you can reap the benefits of better productivity.