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Yes! You can use multiple VAs as per your task requirements.

You need to be precise in your instructions in the task email. Your VA would execute your instructions accordingly.

Yes, of course! We offer 24 X 7 virtual assistance. Your work would be performed in a different time zone, but the responsibility would be distributed to different executives from different shifts to cater to your need.

Under Free Trial, your task would be assigned to the best fit VA and is monitored by a Supervisor who is your Point of Contact (POC). You can communicate with your POC regarding your task. Should your task require rework, share your experience with your POC and he would take the necessary measure.

Well, we may fall sick anytime or may go on a vacation or may quit the company or may suffer an unprecedented situation. Therefore, we prepare back-up support from the outset whenever one hires our VA. Hence, if your VA is unavailable or is unable to work, the back-up is always there to ensure uninterrupted service.

No, we don’t offer cold calling for sales as we cannot guarantee you the sales.

Certainly! Our content writing experts conduct extensive research on the subject matter and develop market-oriented content. To know more, please visit our Content Writing Service page.

Your Full-Time Dedicated Assistant would work 8 hours a day for 5 days a week, any business hours.

No. We don’t.

The turnaround time for a task reply is 8-12 hours. However, if the task could not be finished within the said TAT and requires more time, you would receive an interim reply with the task status at the end of the day from your VA.

We regret that we do not have bilingual assistants. English is the only language we use as the mode of communication globally.

Yes! From itinerary planning, flight/hotel bookings to planning and scheduling meetings at the desired destination and sending timely travel plan reminders, our expert VA can manage all travel related tasks.

Well, it might take a few minutes to reflect in your portal as it has to validate certain criteria in our system before it is created in our database and registered under your account. However, if you still face the issue even after some time, please let us know through an email or over the phone or Skype chat. We shall look into the matter and get back to you as soon as possible.

Yes, you can. You need to send your request through the task itself by replying to the same task chain. We would change the task priority from our end.

Yes! We offer 24 X 7 assistance and are available on weekend and public holidays to assist you.

You can directly communicate with your VA over the phone or skype or through the task itself. However, it is imperative that you send your specific, important and task-related instructions/information only through that particular task. This practice helps us in monitoring and streamlining your process, which in turn guides us to deliver optimum service quality.

Well, don't worry. Share your experience and we would replace your VA immediately. You can train your new VA prior to sending any task. This would reduce the possibility of dissatisfaction to the maximum extent.

Please login to your CraftyEdge account, go to task history and check the progress/status of your tasks.

Yes, you can. You need to send your request through the task itself by replying to the same task chain. We would take the necessary measure.

(i) Our Point Charge System: 1 POINT = 1 MINUTE, i.e. we charge on the point per minute basis
(ii) We only charge for the actual hours involved in performing a task and not for our understanding of the task.
However, should you have any concern with the charging, you can get in touch with your POC and discuss.


Contact us via chat, email or phone and we would close the duplicate task(s).

Contact us via chat, email or phone and we would close the duplicate task(s).

We regret that we do not have a mobile app currently. However, our R&D process is still in progress to come up with one in the near future.

No. We do not outsource any work to freelancers.

We are located in India. However, we offer 24 X 7 services.

Yes. We have a referral program. To know more, please write to us at

Well, there is no limit for updating your plan. You can update your plan anytime you need from your CraftyEdge account.

Unfortunately, we do not carry forward/roll over unused hours from one month/billing cycle to the next month/billing cycle. We always suggest our clients choose plans as per their needs so as to use the hours within the same billing cycle.

All our plans are prepaid and come with a monthly validity, i.e. valid for 30 days. Now, if you cancel your membership within a billing cycle (before the next billing), still your account will remain active and you can thereby use the unused hours until the validity is over. Thereafter, your account will be closed and consequently, you won’t be able to use the unused hours anymore.

Yes, you can review your billing cycle-wise account usage from your CraftyEdge account.

Yes, you can review the hourly breakdown for any particular task under task history in your CraftyEdge account.

Yes! Over and above your primary and secondary emails, you can add multiple email IDs to one account.

Ours is a 24 X 7 service. Hence, you can avail our service around the clock. You can use your hours at will and delegate tasks any time you want until your hours are exhausted.

Yes, you can. In that case, you need to email us at or write to us from your CraftyEdge account portal and we’ll do the needful.

You can simply send us an email at or write to us from your CraftyEdge account portal. One of our customer care executives would get in touch with you immediately.

(i) You can instantly update your current plan with the same or with a new one and start a new billing cycle.
(ii) You can also purchase extra hours which are valid within the same billing cycle.

Yes, of course! You can seek our assistance in this regard by contacting our customer care.

Usually, we do not grant any refund but reimburse the equivalent hours only. If you are not satisfied with the work performed by your assigned VA, you will not be charged for the hours used in the current billing cycle. Please contact your account manager to discuss any such instance.

PayPal is the only payment option. We receive payments through PayPal only.

Yes, the Free Trial option enables you to try and evaluate our service first before going for a paid plan. However, after 3 days, PayPal will auto-debit your account as per the chosen next plan. That is why you need to enter your payment info and authorize PayPal for an auto-debit after 3 days. But, you can cancel your Free Trial account any time within the 3 days Free Trial period in order to discontinue our service and avoid any auto-debit.

No, we offer hourly based plans & pricing. We have different hourly rates for different plans.

Ah! If the system asks you to register again, it means that you must have typed in a different email ID which our system couldn’t recognize. You need to enter the email ID that you have used/registered with us at the time of your subscription.

Please go to our “Why Us” page to know the details of our Digital Data Security.