How to Outsource your Workload to the Right Virtual Assistant Company?

How to Outsource your Workload to the Right Virtual Assistant Company?

Do you get overwhelmed with the long list of tasks that you either have to do yourself or delegate to suitable candidates every day?

Even though you might be delegating most of your work to other people, the trouble of interviewing, shortlisting, and finally selecting the best candidates might be a bit troublesome and time-consuming. Usually, very huge business owners have a highly dedicated team to perform all tasks starting from book-keeping to money management and marketing.

But what about the small business owners or sole entrepreneurs? Usually, they don’t have the funds to invest in so much human capital and handle all the aspects of business by themselves.

But then again comes the question of work-life balance! Don’t worry!

The technology of Virtual Assistant comes to the rescue. With the world getting digitalized at such a fast pace, most businesses want to be on the online platform. So, just not the small-scale entrepreneurs and businesses, even big firms take advantage of Virtual Assistants so that they can save their precious time and energy for productive brainstorming.

Lets quickly scan through some of the benefits:

+Freedom of delegating tasks that you don’t enjoy or are not confident enough to perform.
+Make more of free time that can be utilized for tasks that have a higher monetary value.
+Reduce some of the workload and stress to spend more quality time with family.
+Tasks are easily completed within deadlines with the help of a virtual assistant.

We guess you are convinced by now that the Best Virtual Assistant Company is the exact help you need right now. But don’t know how to go about it? Let’s help you out!

You might be a busy leader or an entrepreneur or a small-business owner, but knowing exactly the process to hire a virtual assistant can be of a lot of help. That’s where we’re going to help you with:

If you’re a small business owner and confused about how to get started with it, then you should follow these steps of hiring a Virtual Assistant:

Don’t jump off to starting big: If you are just starting and still not comfortable with the idea of Virtual Assistants, you don’t need to outsource all of your work right away. Start small! Figure out two to three basic tasks, maybe e-mail management or book-keeping that you are fully confident to delegate.

Decide the jobs you want to outsource: Before you connect with a reliable Virtual Assistant Company, just be clear in your head about the tasks you wish to delegate.
Do you need support for administrative work, maybe data entry or online research?
Do you need remote IT support for managing new infrastructure?
Or do you need a powerful resource for web designing and web development?

Whatever it is, select as many as you need to and be sure about it before you actually outsource.

Give clear instructions to your Virtual Assistant on how you would like the work to be done: Though most virtual assistants already know how the task is to be done and have great ideas, giving directions might not be a bad idea too if you want your work to be done in a certain way. You can use screenshots or videos for visual instructions or add extra information wherever needed. This way the work will be done much faster.

Conduct appropriate tests and comprehensive interviews: Decide your budget and find the cheapest Virtual Assistant company that has all the features you need:
If you need a virtual assistant to manage your accounts and payroll, give it a corresponding test.
If you want it to plan or manage events, test it by allotting smaller tasks like booking flight tickets or restaurant reservations.

Set up a test drive with your new virtual assistant: How many hours do you need your virtual assistant to work for you? Depending on that choose the best plan and easily outsource most of your work and make more time for yourself to make more money.

Not sure how to hire a Virtual Assistance Service? Here are some basic steps:

Create a job description: Make a list of the job roles and responsibilities you need your Virtual Assistant to perform along with the background information of your business, to find out the Best Virtual Assistant Company that fits in. Make sure the company fills all your requirements.

Compare the best companies: Before you commit to hiring a specific company, allot some tasks to your top 2-3 candidates and evaluate on the basis of how well they perform the tasks.

Give the most competent Virtual Assistant Company a trial period: The trial period is the best opportunity for you to decide if you want to give the Virtual Assistant a permanent role in your company. Start off your trial period with the company you have chosen and assess if it is a perfect fit for your organization.

Are you too busy with hectic schedules and you have in hand everyday tasks but don’t really know how to search for a virtual assistant? Maybe these tips can help:

Assess whether the role for which you are hiring the Virtual Assistant adds value to your company: Your Virtual Assistant should be actually bringing money to the business rather than just being an extra expenditure. You can allot it some repetitive tasks that you don’t enjoy doing or some task that you don’t have enough knowledge about.

Be prepared to hand-over tasks: For most leaders, giving the responsibility to someone else becomes difficult because they usually can’t trust and want to do all the work by themselves. Don’t be that leader! Learn to delegate jobs so that your time can be utilized for a greater purpose.

Have strong systems and processes: If you want to take the best advantage of the cheapest Virtual Assistant Company make sure your work system is not chaotic and there are documented processes and systemized tools in place. This will help your Virtual Assistant to work efficiently.

Look in the right places: There are plenty of sources online starting from freelancing sites to agencies. Just keep an eye on all the appropriate sources and keep looking for the best.

Ways to shortlist the best virtual company for your business.

Go through the third-party reviews: Third-party reviews are the most credible and trustworthy sources to know about any company’s reputation. The ratings and feedback gathered on sites such as Yelp and Google are mostly accurate and less manipulated. It is the best place to know about the honest opinions of people who have actually used the service

Video Reviews: Video testimonials are the greatest proof of the quality of service that any company provides. Most of these video reviews will have a good balance of both positive as well as negative comments about the company you are thinking to go for. This will give you a better perspective from both sides to decide.

Judge the quality of work yourself through free trials: Almost all Virtual Assistant companies will provide you a minimum of 3 to 7 days trial at least. Take advantage of it to decide the Virtual Assistant Company you are actually looking for.

So now that you know what you need to do and how Virtual Assistants can change your life, next time hopefully you don’t have to keep rescheduling your vacations! You can finally take a day off and enjoy it!

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