10+1 Qualities of a Dutiful Virtual Assistant in 2019-2020

10+1 Qualities of a Dutiful Virtual Assistant in 2019-2020

Science has been constantly coming up with new discoveries and thus technology is getting upgraded every day. This progress will go on and shall continue till the end of the world. But have you ever wondered who has made this progress, it’s not a robot definitely. Its man himself. The human mind is capable of achieving the impossible through sheer hard work and determination. Alas! The shortage of time is a cause of worry. But not anymore.

If technology has been upgraded so has human resources. Delegation of tasks is quite common in contemporary times. Hiring a VA aka Virtual Assistant is quite common, but generally, a VA was hired to perform simple tasks. Not anymore! It’s 2019 and now a VA is knowledgeable and technically sound to handle the most complicated tasks seamlessly and within an assigned time.

Duties of a VA in 2019 – Know What You Are Getting Into!

Most people are of the opinion that a VA is good only for administrative tasks. Well, your virtual assistant in 2019 can do better than that. Why not give it a shot? With technical skills and refined marketing techniques a virtual assistant can easily handle complex tasks without hassles.

In 2019, you get a virtual assistant who might work remotely for you but is also capable of delivering you with 100% assistance round the clock. Set up a meeting, host a website, maintain your calendar – whatever may be your need – your VA will have a solution for everything.

Gone are the days when you had to work with a naïve VA. Let’s have a look at how a skilled VA can turn the game around for you and get you ‘just what you want’.

·         B2B transactions

·         Analysing business modules

·         Strategic marketing plans

·         Web design and web development – along with web maintenance

·         Copywriting and content writing projects

·         Advanced online researches conducted

·         Email management and email marketing

·         Business presentations

·         Admin support

And whatever is there on your mind – Just say it and watch how effortlessly the VA will do it for you!

Note – A virtual assistant will still do your simple tasks happily, but the good news is that the nerve-wracking jobs are also accomplished as easily and smoothly.

However, the best way to get the maximum benefit from your VA is to hire a virtual assistant company rather than a single individual multitasking and running errands for you. A team of VAs would sit together and put their minds in your work guided by a senior VA. Hire a powerhouse of talents rather than just one man working 24×7 and trying to get all the work done single-handedly.

So, when you already know what a VA in 2019 will do for you, let’s also have a peek at the qualities of a VA. They say they are more upgraded, skilled and trained. So, let’s see what’s in store.

10+1 Attributes of a Sound VA in 2019

1. Creative

Want your business to succeed. Then you need to think out-of-the-box. Yes, a VA can do that for you. A virtual assistant who is creatively inclined can get you unique ideas that will revamp your business for good.

2. Dedicated

A VA is not a regular freelancer. They are virtual assistants who work for you and are answerable to you anytime and always. When you hire a VA you are hiring a full-time employee who will work for you from a remote location. They are just as dedicated and sincere like the employer sitting in your office.

3. Tech Savvy

Without technical knowledge a VA is handicapped. A tech-savvy VA can do the job on-time and deliver quality services for you without hassles. They research well and are more productive at the end of the day.

4. Multi-Tasking

A virtual assistant is born to multi-task. A multi-tasking VA will get most of your work done in minutes. It saves time, energy and money along the way.

5. Resourceful

Your virtual assistant can be the go-to person for any problem you are facing. It might be your business growth strategy or your website or even your brand promotion. The VA is full of resources and has a solution for almost everything under the sun.

6. High Integrity

A professional VA has high integrity and will make sure that before subscription your privacy and rights are protected. Integrity is a rare quality and should be treasured.

7. 24×7 Service

Your virtual assistant should be providing you with support 24×7. VAs don’t only operate at night. They operate 24×7 and will have someone or the other to be at your service – anytime you call for their service. However, for this full-time assistance, you need to opt for a fulltime dedicated VA.

8. Punctual with Deadlines

Deadlines are dreaded by most freelancers and VAs. But not with the professionals who know their job well enough. A professional virtual assistant will also be punctual and submit the work on-time. They won’t make excuses and delays ever!

9. Professional yet Friendly

Overfriendly VAs who invade privacy or the grumpy ones who give you a dead look – are gone for good. In 2019, VAs are professional, friendly, jovial and will delight you with a friendly conversation to perk the day up.

10. Transparent

The virtual assistant needs to maintain complete transparency with the clients. Many VAs use a tracking tool to ensure that the client knows exactly what’s going on and how much time is invested to get the job done. This quality of a 2019 VA makes him your regular office employee – the only difference is that the work is remote.

Bonus Point 1:

Steady & Stable

A multitasking VA meeting deadlines and the team working 24×7 needs to have a strong and steady mind. No matter how tough the task or how frustrating they might feel, a good VA keeps his calm and keeps going against all odds.


Don’t seek for perfection. A perfect VA doesn’t exist, but a good, sincere and knowledgeable one surely does. Go ahead and find the right man for your business who will assist you in 2019 and be your virtual assistant in 2020 and beyond.

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